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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Finally, I have decided to start a blog, to share my thoughts and inspiration with those of you out there who also make jewelry, or who just love jewelry as much as I do. Also, an occasional story about a volcano, since I am studying geology full-time and hope to someday be a working volcanologist. Believe me, it's ALL connected... geology, jewelry, minerals, volcanoes, magmatic processes, gem deposits and precious metals!! Without magmatic processes, we would have no large gemstone and precious metal deposits from which to create jewels, since a majority of gems grow as magma and/or magmatic fluids cool slowly inside the earth. (Well, there wouldn't be life on earth either, but that is another topic for another day!)

Wire wrapping is my passion although I do make other kinds of jewelry as well...I enjoy pearl knotting, stringing, working with chain, metal work, making glass beads etc. I recently received a cabbing station from a dear friend for my birthday, so I will someday be adding my own handmade cabs to my line of jewelry. I also recently joined the New Mexico Faceters Guild and have begun to learn how to facet my own gemstones! This is an amazing thing for me as it has been a life-long dream of mine to be able to cut my own gemstones! Extra special that my geologic and rockhounding activities have helped me to amass a large collection of gem quality rough material that has just been waiting for me to do something with!

This blog is intended for me to share some of my jewelry making experience, techniques, inspiration, ideas and challenges with you. Welcome!

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